5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Infant Care In Singapore

When you finally decide to enrol your little one in an infant care program in Singapore, you do so with the best intentions. The entire process of placing your kid in infant care is no joke. You will have to deal with the emotional ride of being away from your child, entrusting your impressionable young ones to childcare providers, setting regular efforts, and finding the best centre for your kid.

Read on to discover the common mistakes parents make with childcare.


The first time you visit a childcare centre in Singapore and meet a provider, you need to discuss the primary responsibilities, including the fees, payments, schedules, timings, meals, and snacks. But as a parent, you should also consider communicating your day-to-day expectations from the provider, such as discipline style, emergency handling procedures, allergies, emergency contact persons, and the like.


Attachment and bonding are two crucial factors affecting the brain development of children. If teachers come and go, it may get challenging for your little one to feel comfortable and ready to learn. Your baby needs a childcare provider and centre in Singapore where they can easily have a connection and attachment.


Before paying for and dealing with infant care in Singapore, consider researching their curriculum. Ensure that their programmes can help set up and prepare the young ones for what’s in store for them in future.


You will never have a good feeling about a centre over the phone. Instead of enquiring over a call or email, you may want to consider visiting the childcare centre in Singapore in person. That way, you will be able to see the cleanliness of the entire facility, including their teaching areas, pantry, library, and playrooms, and how teachers interact with their students.


Lastly, teacher-student interactions are critical when sending your little one to a childcare centre in Singapore. When touring around the facility, be keen on the treatment and interaction between teachers and students. You need to ensure they value building bonds with the young ones.

There sure is a lot to think about and consider to ensure you get the best infant care in Singapore for your baby. As a busy parent, choosing the best centre is crucial. If you, unfortunately, blindly trust the wrong one, your child can face challenges that impair their health and development. Consider avoiding these mistakes to get the most out of your money.

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