7 Ways To Improve Math Skills And Pass The PSLE Math

Learning to count is the first step of mathematics, followed by knowing how to add, subtract, multiply and divide. One must understand all the necessary concepts for Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) before one can move to the next level of education. Most parents help their children to pass PSLE math by hiring a tutor in Singapore.

Besides getting tutored by a PSLE math tutor, a student must also do their part. Below are some of the things they should do.

1. Understand Mistakes

Learning mathematics is full of trial and error. The only way to solve the problem is to keep trying to get the correct answer. If you made a mistake, understand what happened and what went wrong,

2. Bring Math Into Daily Life

Making mathematics a part of your child’s everyday life is another way to help them become better mathematicians. For instance, if there are five bananas, and they eat two of them, how many bananas remain? Real-life applications can help your child think more creatively.

3. Never Skip Class

The only way to maximise the lessons from a PSLE math tuition or online classes in Singapore is never to skip a session. If your child is not feeling well, they may take a break but ensure they will review their past lessons once they become better at going to school and attending their extra classes.

4. Review Math Concepts Every Day

Becoming familiar with maths concepts can help your child become more confident and aware of how to solve mathematical problems.

5. Show The Work, Not Just The Answer

The most important part of maths is not the answer but the process of how to solve it. You better encourage your child to show you how they come up with the answer they are doing their school homework or assignment from their O level math tutor in Singapore.

6. Teach Others Math

Teaching others can also help your child remember a mathematical concept that they have learned. When they teach others, they get to retrace back step by step how to solve and get the answer to a problem.

7. For Online Classes, Rewatch Recorded Videos

Besides reading written notes, your child can learn mathematical concepts by rewatching their previous online maths class. Therefore, make it a habit to record all of their online maths classes.

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