An introduction to posing in photography

Even though a considerable amount of photography is done candidly, posing assumes significance in some types of photography. Whether it’s portrait photography or fashion photography or weddings, posing is a big part of the process of image making. In this discussion, we’ll introduce you to a few simple poses that can help you capture beautiful images in a very short time. We’ll mainly work with female models this time. Perhaps in the future, we’ll work with male models and make a separate piece on how to pose for male models.

Chin up

Usually, when we ask a model to chin up, we want her to feel confident about her looks. Chin-up can make a considerable amount of difference to a portrait image. Conversely, having one’s chin down can mean a lack of confidence and self-esteem. Though I have seen a lot of photographers asking their female models to chin down, it’s not the only way to photograph, especially if you’re working with a female model.

Lean back on one leg

Leaning back on one leg with the other folded at the knee is a great way to pose as a confident female model. I find it irresistible not to ask a female model to lean back against a wall or some structure and then fold the other leg at the knee. You can ask the model to wear a sunhat and touch the tip with one hand to accentuate the whole pose. It’s a lovely pose that I like replicating whenever I can.

Try the S-curve

My other favorite pose. Try the S-curve that naturally accentuates the curve of a woman’s body. The posture needs to be slightly angled to the camera and follow the natural curves of a woman’s figure. The result is an S-curve that looks gorgeous.

Cross the legs

Crossing the lens is an easy way to pose someone who isn’t sure about the pose that will accentuate her figure. Crossing always does! It also highlights the hips. But with the legs crossed, don’t forget the hands. Don’t let the hands dangle by the side.

Positioning the hands

The hands always are an indication of the mindset of the model. If she is nervous or apprehensive, she might have it crossed. If she is unsure, she might leave them hanging by the side. Don’t ever leave the hands by the side. You can ask your model to place one hand on the waist, accentuating the pose.

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