Best private elementary schools in Orange County

Parents want their children to attend the best private schools. Not only do they want a well-rounded education, but they also want their child to have special programs such as art and music. To help you in your search for the right school, we have compiled a list of the best private elementary schools in Orange County

Why opt for a private school?

Private schools are often the choice of parents who want their children to receive a unique and special education. Private school tuition is typically higher than public school tuition, but the benefits can be well worth it.

Benefits of Private Schools

Private schools often provide smaller classrooms, which allows teachers to get to know each of their students better. This means that they can provide more one-on-one instruction and personal attention than you might find in a public school setting. In addition, private schools often offer specialized programs that focus on particular types of learning goals or talents, whether it’s art or science or music, or sports.

You may also find that private schools have more resources available than public schools do: computers, technology, and other materials needed for certain courses. Some private schools even have their libraries!

In many cases, private schools have smaller student populations (which usually equals less competition for grades), so your child will have a better chance at getting into the college of his or her choice if he or she attends a private high school rather than a large public high school with thousands of students fighting for leadership positions every year.

What are the differences between public and private schools?

Public schools and private schools are both forms of schooling. The main difference between the two is that public schools are funded by taxpayer dollars, whereas private schools do not receive any government funding.

-Public Schools

Public schools are funded by taxpayers’ money. The government provides funds to public schools based on how many students attend them and how much money is needed for their education. This money can come from federal, state, or local government sources. Public schools must follow certain rules set forth by the state or local government agency in charge of them (for example, a school district). Public schools include traditional public schools and charter schools.

-Private Schools

Private schools are not funded by tax dollars and can choose whether they want to follow state standards or not. Some private schools also have religious affiliations, so religion may be taught at these schools as well as other subjects such as math and science. Private schools may be run by one person or an organization such as a church or nonprofit organization.

Private elementary schools in Orange County

Fairmont Elementary School:

Fairmont Elementary School offers a superior curriculum that inspires students to think critically and solve problems, while also incorporating innovative approaches.

Fairmont Elementary School is dedicated to developing the intellect, character, and problem-solving skills of each student. The curriculum path is customized to help students reach their highest potential, with a low student-to-teacher ratio allowing educators to provide personal attention as they progress through increasingly challenging subject areas. Beginning in kindergarten, teachers create a welcoming and enthusiastic environment grounded in project-based learning where children can excel in language arts, mathematics, social studies, and STEM.

Digital learning platforms allow students to progress at their rate, providing the opportunity to explore a wide range of subjects and careers. As students advance in grade level, they are introduced to computer science, robotics, debate, visual & performing arts, physical education, and student government.

What else do you need to know about Fairmont Schools:

Fairmont Schools is a secular, coeducational P-12 program that blends tradition with innovative approaches to learning, considering intellectual as well as social and emotional growth. Educators who are passionate about their jobs and participate in rigorous training and annual evaluation will give children an A+ education every year. Fairmont provides a challenging academic program, as well as numerous opportunities for children to explore their unique talents through the arts, athletics, and special programs such as robotics and speech and debate.

If you have any questions, please call (714) 831-0611. If you’re an international student or parent, please call (714) 234-2784.

St. John’s Episcopal School:

St. John’s Episcopal School, a pre-K–8th-grade school in Houston, Texas, provides a warm and nurturing environment that encourages discovery, exploration, and innovation. Our small class sizes ensure we know your child. We prepare students well academically and guide them in how to be good people. The campus is filled with a spirit that celebrates the unique gifts and talents of every student.

Our STEAM Program provides children with the opportunity to discover the joy of learning while developing critical thinking skills. We believe that a well-rounded education is important, which is why we offer our students a broad range of enrichment experiences weekly. Cross-curricular connections reinforce student learning at every turn, so kids learn more effectively. Our experienced and talented faculty teaches students about real-world challenges by using engaging methods for instruction.

Oakridge Private School:

Oakridge nurtures a love of reading and learning through a comprehensive reading program that focuses on a variety of skills. Elementary students begin with a strong phonics-based reading program that promotes oral reading fluency and expression, comprehension, and vocabulary. Appreciation for literature is developed through the introduction of short stories, poetry, and novels. Oakridge enhances the students’ experiences with the Accelerated Reader program.

The Oakridge language program teaches students how to communicate effectively. The students learn spelling, vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, paragraph development, and good penmanship by using the Step Up to Writing program. Oakridge students become proficient in mathematics through concept development and application. With plenty of practice, the students build an understanding of the fundamentals of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Oakridge Elementary encourages scientific thinking through the study of Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth Science. The history and social studies curriculum teach students the importance of being valuable members of our society, the values of citizenship, and the meaning of community by exploring the history of people, places, and events that have shaped the world.

International School of Orange County:

At the International School of Los Angeles, we prepare students for further education by stressing traditional essential skills like reading, writing, and mathematics. Because our students come from many nations, we also stress social studies and the concept that we are all citizens of one world. We also emphasize preparation for further education such as work and study habits, neatness, intellectual discipline, and respect for our environment in general.