Heguru Method: How To Help Your Children Develop Their Creativity

As a parent, are you familiar with the Heguru method? Heguru education originated in Japan more than three decades ago, but it’s now available in many other countries, like Singapore. Heguru education educates children through the right brain training technique that develops creativity. Many schools and care centres teach right brain training techniques in Singapore nowadays.

To know more about the Heguru method, here is a list of abilities and skills it provides to children.

  • Photographic and visual memory
  • Brain and cognitive stimulation
  • Self-esteem
  • Strong retention in numeracy and literacy
  • Sharp logical thinking
  • Improved concentration
  • Arts and creativity
  • Good social skills
  • Moral and intellectual development

According to experts, developing these skills in the first three years of a baby’s life can help in the long run. Their brain and sensory stimulation are active during their early adolescence, which is the perfect time to educate them using Heguru techniques in Singapore.

If you plan to enrol them in a Heguru education centre or teach it at home, here are tips to help your children.

1) Never rush your children.

Most parents focus on the results. It’s a fact that children have a good memory, but it takes time for them to develop and enhance their potential abilities.

2) Communicate with them.

One of the abilities your kid may develop through the right brain training in Singapore is social skills. Practise daily communication with them to help them learn the Heguru method efficiently.

3) Never limit them.

Kids are bound to learn and develop more skills through the Heguru method. Let them work and discover their own talents, skills, and abilities.

The Heguru method uses various activities that help strengthen a children’s right brain, such as colouring, memory games, number activities through flashcards, book reading, stacking bricks, etc. The right brain training in Singapore doesn’t only help with retention, but it can also develop a higher level of confidence in children.

Want to know more about Heguru in Singapore? You may get in touch with Heguru Method for your concerns. You may also check their list of programmes on their website.