Know the difference between BBA, BCA and B.Com

BBA, BCA, and B.Com are three-year undergraduate programmes in management, computer science, and commerce, respectively. A wide selection of specialities are available to students in all three degrees, allowing them to embark on successful careers. These are highly valuable and in-demand courses if you do them from well-reputed and best colleges. Apart from that, you must also know about the difference between BBA, BCA and B.Com to decide which one is the most suitable for you. This article discusses the important difference between BBA, BCA and B.Com.

What is BBA?

Bachelor of Business Administration is a three-year professional undergraduate degree. Those who have completed their 12th grade can apply to the degree. The BBA programme accepts students from all three majors: arts, science, and commerce. It’s a business management-related course that’s meant to be taken seriously.

The course includes a wealth of information on management and leadership skills and methods to help students prepare for future careers as managers and owners of successful enterprises. The training also teaches leadership, team-building, communication, and team management skills, amongst others if you do it from Best BBA College in Patna.

Internships and classroom instruction are combined in this course to teach students about the dynamics of groups and how to solve problems.

What is BCA?

Computer applications and research and development are the focus of the BCA or Bachelor of Computer Application, a three-year undergraduate degree. Computer specialists are in high demand, and as a result, many possibilities have arisen for students who aspire to pursue a career in the IT sector.

The course covers a wide range of computer applications, including computer science, networks, software development, and hardware. The curriculum for a Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) at Best BCA College in Patna comprises classroom instruction, practical classes, seminars, and both team projects and research.

These include databases and resource sharing concepts as well as widely used programming languages such as C and Java. Internet scripting, and software development, as well as programming in other languages, also feature prominently in BCA courses.

What is B.Com?

It is a three-year undergraduate degree programme in the field of commerce, B.Com [Bachelor of Commerce].

During the six semesters of the B.Com degree, students learn about a wide range of topics, including corporate taxation, economics, finance, law, and the law of corporations. Specialisations in accounting, taxes, economics, and computer applications are also available under the B.Com. degree.

Financial services, commercial banking, tax advisory services, and other related professions are all represented under this program’s specialties and you can easily get a job with high salary if you study from Best B Com College in Patna.

Difference between BBA, BCA and B.Com

Criteria BBA BCA B.COM
Eligibility Science, Commerce and Arts Science, Commerce and Arts Science and Commerce
Job Prospects Tax Assistant, Insurance Manager, Sales Manager etc. Software Developer, Data Scientist. IT-Systems Engineer, SEO Manager, etc. Accountant, Chartered Accountant, Bank PO etc.
Subjects Taught Economics.

Financial Management.

Principles & Practices in Management.

Marketing Management.

Taxation in Business, Etc.



Accounting Applications.

Systems Analysis.

Personal Information Management.

Programming Languages.

Internet Technologies.

Computer Graphics etc.


Financial Systems.


Business Management.

Financial Accounting.

Business Economics.

Company Law etc.


Duration 3-Years 3-Years 3-Years
Company Placement TCS, HDFC, EY. ISRO etc. HP, Flipkart, Instagram, Indian Railways etc. Deloitte, Reliance, ICICI, Private Banks and CA Firms etc.


Now, you know the difference between BBA, BCA and B.Com and therefore you must choose wisely. Understanding the difference between BBA, BCA and B.Com is essential to have a successful career in future.