Mom Guilt? Don’t be Ashamed

Every mom wants to give her all to her children, but that is not always possible – and you might feel that even giving your children your best is not enough. Moms deal with guilt when they feel they are working too much, when they make mistakes in their parenting, and when they cannot give their children everything that they want to give them. You do not have to feel ashamed for feeling guilt as a mom, and you should know that feeling guilt as a parent is completely normal.

Why Do Moms Feel Guilt?

Most moms make more decisions for their little ones than anyone else does. Controlling a life in such a big way can make a person feel like they need to handle things perfectly. No one is perfect, and guilt sets in as soon as a mom starts to feel like she might be messing up a bit or that she should be handling things in a better way.

Reasons for Guilt to Pop Up:

Some moms attempt to start up a business while raising their children and then feel guilty because they do not have enough time for either that business or their children. Some moms start out staying home with their children then feel the need to go out and get a job, and they feel guilty for that. Some moms feel guilty when they choose to have a second or third child. Most moms feel guilt when they feel that they are not giving their children everything they could possibly give them. You may feel guilty for the way that you feed your children or the size of home that they are growing up in.

Don’t be Ashamed to Talk About Your Guilt:

If you are dealing with mom guilt, you should know that it is normal. You should talk with others about what you are feeling so that you can see that others have been where you are. Talking with others might help you figure out how you can change the way that you are parenting to experience less guilt, and it will also help you see that you are not alone.

You Can be a Good Mom and Still Feel Guilty:

If you are dealing with guilt over the decisions you have made as a mom, know that even the best of moms deal with that. The guilt you are feeling does not necessarily mean that you are doing something wrong or that you need to change your parenting tactics. Be kind to yourself as you deal with the guilt, and don’t be ashamed to talk with others and seek their advice.