What Is A HVAC System And How Does It Work?

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning system that maintains the temperature of the room. They are well known for their ability to provide quality air indoors. The working of this system is quite complex which involves the following materials-

Air Return:

It is the most important part of the HVAC system. The ventilation cycle includes sucking of the air, passing it through the filter and at last reaching the main system.


It is important to keep your filters clean as the air is drawn through it.

Exhaust Outlet:

This is the most required item of the system. When the system starts working, a lot of heat is generated which needs to be expelled out. An exhaust outlet lets this hot air out of the system.


The channels through which hot and cold air pass through are known as ducts. These need to be changed after every 4-5 years in order to maintain the system.

Electrical Elements:

This part of the system is the most prone to damage. The electrical elements can include a switch, thermostat and batteries. Proper care of these elements is necessary to keep the system working.

Outdoor Unit:

The outdoor unit is the outer appearance of the HVAC unit. This majorly includes a fan that is responsible for the steady flow of air. Make sure that you clean this fan on a regular basis in order to keep the fan clean.


The outdoor unit comprises a compressor which is responsible for converting gas into liquid. The liquid formed from the gas is carried to the coils. The compressor depends on other systems. So if your compressor is not working properly then you must check for each and every system of the HVAC.


Another part of an outdoor unit is coils. The cool air that you receive from the system is because of these coils. They have refrigerants in them which convert the normal air into a pleasant cool air.


Just like coils which provide cool air in summers, blowers are responsible for providing warm and hot air in winters. The effectiveness of the blower depends upon the speed of the air. If the air moves smoothly without any interruption, then the blower will work wonderfully and if not then, your blower might not give you the warm air that you desire.

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