Why English Exams Are a Vital Part of Students’ Curriculums

Around the world, dozens of people use English as either a first or second language. It is the de facto lingua franca of the world, connecting people of vastly different cultures and societies. Since Singapore is a melting pot of cultures, it’s not surprising that many parents would invest money to send their children to the best English tuition centre in Singapore.

Your child will attend many English classes when they grow up. The subject is an important academic requirement in their curriculum. It will help them achieve their career goals. Still, when you’re spending so much on fees for your child’s O level English tuition centre in Singapore, you might wonder how exams in the O levels are supposed to help your child master languages.

Here’s why your child can benefit from English tests.

  1. English tests can help you memorise certain concepts. When English isn’t your main language, some concepts might be difficult to grasp. Exams jog students’ memories and help them understand concepts better.
  2. English tests allow you to use critical thinking and analyse certain situations. Sure, your child may be able to answer simple questions in English. But how well will they fare when a curveball gets thrown? Exams can help them with more challenging English interactions and communication.
  3. English tests are a precedent for the real world. Much like how O level English tuition prepares students for exams, Exams prepare them for real-world scenarios that they might encounter.
  4. English tests will help you know your standing among peers. Is your child learning at a rate similar to their peers? A test is the best way to find out.

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