4 Activities You Can Try for Chinese Enrichment Classes for Preschoolers

Chinese enrichment classes for preschoolers are supposed to be engaging, entertaining, light and fun-filled. Parents expect their young children to enjoy the classes for toddlers while learning valuable things. Thus, it has always been the task of teachers to lighten the atmosphere and keep their students engaged through various activities.

However, coming up with different activities for every lesson that will promote Chinese language learning is quite challenging. Children have short attention spans and are sometimes too shy to participate in activities they are not very good at. Thus, we opted to share some activities you may try to incorporate into your Chinese class for kids in Singapore.

Readers Theatre

Chinese classes for toddlers in Singapore focus heavily on phonics, memorisation and word association. Thus, reading aloud will help students practise pronouncing Chinese words correctly. A readers’ theatre is an activity wherein groups of children will read together the lines of their characters on the script. For instance, if the children play the popular Chinese literary work ‘Journey to the West’, the class will be divided based on the number of characters. One group will read Sun Wukong’s lines. Meanwhile, another group will read Sha Wujing’s lines and so forth.

Riddle Writing

Riddle writing and answering is a great way to employ poetry in a Chinese class for kids. Since riddles are a shorter form of poetry, it will be easier for children to construct one. It is not to mention that letting other children guess their riddles will be entertaining for the whole class. It is also a good preparatory activity for Chinese composition writing for Primary 3.

Song Recomposition

Song recomposition or rewording is a type of activity wherein the students will come up with new lyrics to a classic song. For instance, you can play ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star’ in your Chinese enrichment classes for preschoolers and have the students come up with their lyrics for the melody. The lyrics must be in Mandarin and must tell a story.

Community Skit

It is also encouraged to familiarise children with their community in classes for toddlers in Singapore. Thus, it is good to have them play a skit about their community. There will be no need for scripts. Just assign each kid a role and let the children play their roles freely.

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